Choc on Choc

Choc-on-Choc was a chocolate dream born in 2003 in a small Somerset barn in the village of Rode, near Bath.

A father and daughter partnership was created as they hit upon a patented new way to make layered chocolate. Since then the company has grown phenomenally and converted a new barn into a factory over four times the size of the original factory, marking the fulfilment of their ambition.
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Following the success of the award-winning brand architecture they created for the core Choc on Choc range, BrandOpus were briefed to work on new product development from the brand, a range of chocolate kits.  As the two chocolate kits are aimed at the gifting market, integral to the brief was the creation of packaging design that appealed as a seasonal Christmas present, but also as an all year around birthday present or party activity.
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" The two new products, Our Choc on Choc House and Choc on Choc Painting Kit, are designed to make enjoying delicious Choc on Choc an even more creative experience.  With the same gifting appeal as the core range, Our Choc on Choc House and the Choc on Choc Painting Kit extend the brand appeal beyond adult fans to children too. The Choc on Choc Painting Kit includes everything that little ones need to get stuck into making their own chocolatey masterpieces. The box contains finest Belgian chocolate to melt, piping equipment, templates to guide, simple instructions to follow and even a branded apron to keep little people clean whilst they try their hand at chocolate painting. "
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" Our Choc on Choc House, inspired by Hansel and Gretel‘s gingerbread house, satisfies the chocolate lover and taps into the inner child.  The kit contains everything you need to have a go at plan-drawing, brick-making, cement-mixing to build your own chocolate house. Both kits include bespoke instruction sheets designed to be fun and engaging yet easy to understand. BrandOpus’ designs stay true to the core brand equities, whilst featuring new hand-drawn illustrations that bring the concepts to life." -Flo Broughton, Chief Chocolate Lady, Choc on Choc

Designed by BrandOpus 
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