Meo auto pet doubles as a toy car

meo 1
Designer Bolun Yang has devised a new future personal transportation concept for 2030. Dubbed as Meo, the auto pet has been envisioned as an excellent play-around thing. Small and compact in shape Meo is a perfect accompaniment for shoppers, and early morning or evening walkers. It has a front door which can be lifted to get on and off and place luggage.
meo 2
The interior is furnished with magnetic suspension chair, invisible LED display, and 3-D display technology. In fact the users can also use Meo as a toy car in a gaming mode to compete with their friends using the roof top ear controllers. Once the engines come to a halt the auto pet enters an interactive mode making faces on the front light area and shining and singing.
meo 3
meo 4
meo 5

Cheers Bolun Yang


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