Manta Ray Interactive System touts multi-touch capabilities

manta ray interactive system_01
Developed by Indian designer Sahil Karkhanis, the “Manta Ray” is a portable, interactive presentation system that add worth to your business, promotional or even a school/college presentation. Comprising an infrared imaging base unit and two infrared pointers, the multi-touch presentation system attaches to a variety of portable devices, such as laptop, netbook or tablet, and a data projector convert any flat surface, like a whiteboard, bed sheet or simply a wall, into a touch sensitive, interactive surface. With Manta Ray, users can not only present their content in an effective manner but can also draw, write and perform a variety of tasks directly on the presentation surface.
manta ray interactive system_02
manta ray interactive system_03jpg
manta ray interactive system_04
manta ray interactive system_05
manta ray interactive system_06
manta ray interactive system_07
[Cheers Sahil]


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