Backpack charges gadgets 24 hrs for geeks with quirky needs

quirky trek support 1
Gadget savvy people have quirky needs. They need everything that helps them keep connected to their fraternity far and wide. In keeping with just that folks at Quirky have designed what they tout as the first of its kind backpack that charges your gadgetry anywhere and everywhere. The backpack meant to be ergonomically comfortable has a clampshell design brought to creation in durable nylon making it instanltywater proof.

quirky trek support 2
The backpack has a large main center pocket with padded nylon board to hold your 15-inch laptop with ease along with three other smaller gadgets. The bag also features meshed pockets to hold the miscellany. To top it all it has bottom that sports rechargeable battery to juice your gadgets while on the go.

quirky trek support 3
quirky trek support 4
Via: SlashGear


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