Packaging - Bigelow tea


"The project was to create two different designs for one product. Bigelow tea was chosen to be repackaged for two different target audiences: an upscale gourmet store, and a lower end retail store. The upscale design pushed for interesting structure and modern design, while the low end version had to be considered for mass quantity production while still having visual appeal."
"The packaging needed to appropriately reflect what was being sold. Both concepts had to compliment one another, while being able to stand on their own as a unique product. Complete background history of the company, target audience, and competitors had to be researched along with many store audits. after many nights of steeping and countless cups of tea, Bigelow had a fresh new face that remained true to it’s philosophy."
Designed by Kristen Haff, a soon to be graduate at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.


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