Build a Brand Unusual

By Mary van de Wiel

Answer your 'why,' and point your business in the right direction.

Successful brand leaders live out loud. They follow their passions and they're
willing to take risks regardless of what others say. To live out loud means to do whatever it takes to see your dreams realized.

Richard Branson, best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies, is the quintessential example of a brand unusual due to the leader's willingness to live out loud. Just look at the twinkle in Branson's eye: He is constantly forging new business pathways with a spirited and adventurous relentlessness.

Sir Richard Branson -Virgin

Or take a look at the creators of Twitter: Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey. People originally scoffed at the notion of 140 character "tweets" but their idea has produced a totally original communication platform that's been embraced worldwide. And that originality is a
corner-stone of the Twitter brand.

Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey - Twitter

So what happens when a leader is living out loud? You get a brand unusual. When a company has a brand unusual the primary focus of the brand isn't outward (outsmarting the competition); instead it's internal. It's about the brand doing the best it can and recognizing the value it brings to the table, all the while inspiring others along the way and making a difference.


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