Wild Bird Unlimited

"The Wild Birds Unlimited Bird Food packaging was created as a packaging assignment for the rebranding of Wild Birds Unlimited. The idea was to package bird food that brought out the organic texture and natural color of the bird seeds, accomplished with the use of jars. 

The jars are perfect for display and storage purposes, because they fit well in any space. The jars can be reused by refilling them with more bird seeds purchased from bulk bags. The bird illustrations were designed to bring out the wild spirit of the brand with the use of bold color, large scale, and movement along the jar. 

The die cuts on the bird illustrations help merge the organic elements of the bird seeds with the flowing movements of the birds. The colors of the birds help differentiate the different type of bird food. The back shows a seed attraction chart, which shows bird lovers what birds will be attracted with the bird seeds in each jar. I learned so much designing each jar, and it was so much fun. I hope everyone enjoys looking at them as I enjoyed creating them."

Designed by Fransis Acuña a student attending University of North Texas. Instructed by Brian McAdams.


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