The group project began with the question, "If Target opened up a higher end store to compete with Crate & Barrel and WIlliams- Sonoma, then how would they brand their products? Target’s new subsidiary store “Aero” promotes an active and well-balanced lifestyle by providing all natural alternatives.
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" We recognize that being eco-conscious isn’t a trend—it‘s the future. Our products focus on being compostable, biodegradable or made from second life products. Aero's branded house focuses on food, performance and pet product lines. All of "Aero's" products feature the "e" stamping system which calls out the environmental/healthy features of the products. "Aero's" private labels feature the following product lines, "Naked, Restore, Prep (endorsed by aero), Space, and Roots." 
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"Naked" believes in natural beauty. A composition of all organic products gently revive your skin to its healthiest glow. "Restore" promotes all around well-being without the side effects. We provide holistic remedies to rejuvenate your natural harmony. "Prep" is inspired by the durability and beauty of natural materials, which is why we provide bamboo and cast-iron clay products for your kitchen. 
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We know the importance of reliable and sleek instruments for your kitchen creations. "Space" believes balance starts in the home and emulates to the rest of the world. We craft products made from second life materials inspired by the theories of feng shui. "Roots" offers sustainable and innovative products to help your urban garden flourish. The composting program is our thank you for your contribution to the earth."
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Designed by Ericka Ames, Julie Goodwin, Gina Rodriguez, and Laura Ycasas, students of Michael Osborne's Spring 2011 Package Design 4 Class at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
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