Davies Leslie-Smith

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"Davies Leslie-Smith is a small graphic design consultancy based just outside London, specialising in branding and packaging. Steve Davies and Tim Leslie-Smith set up the company in 2002 with a simple idea – do great design work for nice people. Generally speaking they have stayed true to that aim and with both partners fully involved in all projects their enthusiasm for creating inspired designs remains as strong as ever.

Belflair Chocolates
Belflair Chocolates produce hand-made artisan chocolate with real Belgian flair. We created an elegant brand and a packaging approach that makes a “b” out of a chocolate swirl.
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Nood Tea
Nood is an innovative new Irish tea brand aimed at anyone who likes top quality whole leaf tea in the convenience of a see-through tea bag. With our pack designs we simply let this very leafy tea speak for itself.
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The Big Yum
The Big Yum make delicious, salty pretzels, thickly covered in milk and white chocolate. Our designs brought a bit of “city chic” to this yummy product.
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We designed the Naturals range for Superdrug to focus on exactly what went into each product. By photographing the products against a black background we made this range different from all othe “natural extract” ranges.
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Nature’s Path
Nature’s Path are a North American organic cereal specialist and were looking to launch a flax-based range in the UK. Davies Leslie-Smith created a vibrant look that enhanced the natural qualities of the product.
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Bonne Maman
Bonne Maman, the French fine food experts, asked Davies Leslie-Smith to come up with a premium design for their sharing biscuits that emphasised the product ingredients.
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A range of food storage products that needed to clearly explain the product and its usage but still retain a foodie appeal. The versatile design was taken across 35 skus and a range of different pack formats. 11 15 11 davies3
Salty Dog Brands wanted a striking design to launch a new range of premium hand-cooked potato chips. Davies Leslie-Smith made the humble potato the hero, turning each spud into a cartoon that reflected the product flavour.
Seafood & Eat It
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Seafood & Eat It are passionate about the crab they produce, so Davies Leslie-Smith created a logo for them combining a crab and a heart. The logo was turned into a sand sculpture for the eye-catching range of packaging."
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