En-K de Caviar

Gone are the days of caviar at the table: Now you can enjoy this dainty delight on the go!
"En-K de caviar® is a slick, original tin containing 15 grams of caviar. It comes with a special caviar spoon, and its sliding lid delicately opens to reveal an exquisite arrangement of beautiful, glistening grains of caviar."

"Adding a whimsical touch to the traditional world of caviar, En-K de caviar® is available in six eye-catching colors: Elegant and classic: Black, Gold, SilverBright and fashionable: Indigo Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Apple Green."
"A collection with modern style that is as much a feast for the eyes as for the taste buds. Kaviari has selected two exceptional caviars for its En-K collection: Osetra with fine, strong flavours and Kristal with the smooth flavour of delicate hazelnut. A special colour, caviar and “K” moment to suit everyone’s fancy!En-K de caviar can be eaten with a spoon for a dainty snack at any time of day: en-K decaviar slips into a bag and can be taken anywhere, in trips, at work, on picnics and can be enjoyed at any time of the day!"
Packaging designed by Vanille & Cie 
Boite seule 5Mise en scene roseEn k gamme


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