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Divine Foods had been making simple, delicious, super-healthy nutrition bars under the names Boomi Bar and Prana Bar for more than a decade. With new company ownership, came the opportunity for LeeReedy/Xylem Digital, Denver to rename, reposition and rebrand the 20-bar line.

We had to find a whitespace in the category—and it’s this—people need different types of nutrition at different times of day. The newly named and branded Rise Bar has filled that gap. The updated brand identity is characterized by fresh, primary colors, bold type, appetizing ingredient bundles, and lifestyle-oriented photographs that wrap the packaging 360ยบ. Rise Bars currently come in 12 flavors in 3 product families—including Breakfast Bar, Energy+ Bar and Protein+ Bar. Eight additional flavors, including a children’s line, will be released in the coming months. LeeReedy/Xylem Digital credits go to designer Liza Nelson, writers Eric Kiker and Jamie Reedy, and creative director Kelly Reedy. Photography shot by Rick Souders. 
OLD boomi pranaRise Main image just wrapperProtein bundleEnergy bundleBreakfast bundleBOX closeup
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