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"VCG-Parachute, the creative arm of global marketing services group VCG, has designed and developed packaging to support the launch of Tescoʼs new “Goodness” range of nutritious foods for kids. Initially launched last year in the US by Tesco-owned Fresh & Easy, this will be the first own label range to be introduced to the UK market from Tescoʼs international business."

"The brand concept behind Goodness was developed by VCG in partnership with the Fresh & Easy team, originating with snackpacks and resulting in the creation of a wide range of products across multiple categories. These include chilled prepared meals, pasta sauces, healthy snacks, cereals and lunchbox fillers. Over 80 SKUs will ultimately be available in all main Tesco UK stores, with an initial range from this month. Sarah Bradbury, Tesco Food Marketing Director said: “Fresh & Easy customers really like the Goodness range, so we were keen to share it with our British shoppers.”
The greatest challenge was to communicate to parents that Goodness products all adhere to strict nutritional guidelines, whilst still ensuring strong kid-appeal. To support this proposition, VCG invented a whole new Goodness world, developing bespoke cartoon characters for each product. These entertaining illustrations include fun fruit and animal characters, wild west cacti, wacky rocket ships and more. They all appear on an earthy, “craft” style background, reinforcing the rangesʼ natural credentials, with a clear “Whatʼs Good” nutrition label for parents.
Following the success with Fresh & Easy, VCG-Parachute continue to work with Tesco to extend and adapt the range for the UK market, developing new characters and design for implementation across a wide variety of packaging formats."

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