Gourmet Probiotic Yoghurt

"Designed to speak directly to what consumers need and want; good, honest, healthy brand values are critical in a market of over-processed, untrustworthy brands. Authenticity is king."
"The Collective manufacture and distribute ‘soft culture’ dairy products: gourmet yoghurts, haloumi and soft cheeses such as ricotta and mascarpone. These products really are the 'finest natural dairy products in the land'. The hand drawn logotype and typography stirred in with edible colours have grabbed the attention of consumers young and old.
Within a few months of entering a very competitive market; The Collective became and has held the number one brand position in the gourmet yoghurt category in New Zealand."
Thank you to Bella Akroyd from pHd3 for submitting this to us.

Ep the collective MG 7217Untitled 1
Ep the collective MG 7238
Ep the collective MG 7249


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