Single Estate Coffee

"When Deli de Luca – leader of the convenience market in Norway, Joh Johannson Kaffe AS – the oldest coffee importer and now renown grosser, and Solberg & Hansen – gourmet coffee roaster,  joined forces, you know it has to be good. That entrepreneurial spur resulted in the birth of the “Single Estate” brand – a rarely experienced, but highly prized handcrafted roast with appellation of origin.

"And that’s what savvy retailers do, like Apple computers, they always come with this “thing” you don’t know you need, until they place it on the shelf for you."
"Our Holi-challenge was to help this 3 great companies name their newborn, define its corporate values, craft a unified message and hold its hand for the first few steps in the big retail world. For us Storytelling is an approach, a foundation for creating emotional experiences, stimulant for the consumer imagination and a re-appearing element which acts as the binding substance in achieving a holistic brand expression.
Single Estate specific illustrations and stories were based on in-depth research of facts from the coffee’s origin – then romanticized  for emotional engagement. A small hand points to the quick guide, preprinted on the coffee bag itself for easy navigation in taste and intensity. No longer do transumers, people short of time, need to wander the streets of Oslo without a gourmet cup of Joe."
Creative director, naming & brand positioning, packaging design, in-store communication  Boris Iochev/Holidesign AS
Illustration Boris Iochev
Graphic Design Daniel Tveiten/Holidesign AS


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