HYBRID wheelchair infuses a lively spirit in the physically disabled

hybrid wheelchair
Wheelchairs may allow movement to the physically disabled, but most of the mobility aids currently available on the market present a complex design, which becomes more a bane than a boon for the users. Amalgamating the premium features of a powered and a manual wheelchair, Turkish designer Göktürk Topuz has created a functional mobility device that ensures effortless movement without any assistance from the others. Hailed as “HYBRID,” the hi-tech wheelchair features a body finished in CRP (carbon reinforced plastic) structure, which makes it lightweight but at the same time rigid to allow better controls to the user.

Powered by two hub motors located within the rotation center of each wheel, the HYBRID wheelchair improves the movement capability of the user without creating any obstacles. Moreover, the artistic design of the wheelchair infuses a lively spirit into the lives of the physically disabled.

hybrid wheelchair_01
hybrid wheelchair_02
hybrid wheelchair_03
[Cheers Göktürk]


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