Moovida's new media center software has great looks, so-so personality

With Microsoft planning a move away from the HTPC space and a shift to Windows Media Center embedded products, perhaps the gang at Moovida is looking to take Redmond's place in the home theater geek segment. The company has unleashed a beautiful new media browsing UI called 'Immersed' that's powered by a 3D game engine, a fact which makes its media center bretheren look dowdy in comparison. There is a steep price to pay for this digital eye candy, however, as the current version lacks the ability to stream content -- so no Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube for you. Moovida's software also packs an underlying desktop-optimized UI, 'Core', that provides automated media backup and cataloging, syncs your music and video with peripherals, and plays any non-DRM content known to man. Presently in beta, Moovida promises greater functionality in future releases and we can only hope that means streaming capability is coming soon, as in immediately.


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