FiiL cellphone with Tangible User Interface gives physical form to digital information

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Touchscreen interface offering great flexibility to mobile users has just brought about a revolution in the cellphone industry. After touchscreen, now Tangible User Interface (TUI) allowing users to interact with digital information through the physical environment could well be the next big thing, though in a couple of decades, in the mobile phone market. In an attempt to give physical form to digital information, Japanese designer Mac Funamizu has come up with a cellphone concept called the “FiiL” that lets you virtually feel what you touch on the screen.

Essentially a touch sensitive device, the TUI cellphone comes with a flexible screen surface that makes z-axis movements to create shapes of buttons and switches for the ease of use. As soon the user touches the touch-sensitive interface, real buttons appear onto the screen that they can feel even with a gentle push. In addition, the futuristic cellphone is helpful for the visually disabled, as they can scan and render its surface with ease. Moreover, the solar charging makes it a complete mobile devise, allowing users to lead a sustainable lifestyle.
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