'Pro' projector extends mobility, enriches entertainment too

proj projector3
With the projectors going small with the evolving technology, there is comprehensive range for the tech-savvy consumers on the market shelves. Joining hands in the world of compactness is the Pro projector concept by Seza Yiş. Since most of the projectors share common features when it comes to the field of usage, however, specifications can be variable. Pro combines the common and necessary features with the add-on of portability and user-friendly machine. Small and portable Pro touts its conical structure that stands unique in the queue. The important aspect of the projector which is an objective glass is made adjustable. To ease the usage, the keypad has been located onto projection machine, and in addition, a remote control has also been included. The device is made using acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which boasts high impact strength.
proj projector2
proj projector
proj projector1

Thanks Seza Yiş


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