Ju-Hyun visualizes the sustainable parks of future

vertical theme park
Imagine a picture of the future parks, free from all the pollution that would be no less than the animated world of Disney. Though, just a flight of fancy, Ju-Hyun Kim envisages this dream world with his new skyscraper park proposal hailed the “Vertical Theme Garden”. Borrowing the idea from Disneyland, the theme park is pictured as vertical structures in large metropolises. Free from all the hustle bustle of traffic, this sustainable building not only takes you to a clean world, but also harvest solar and green energy, recycles waste, and collects rainwater as well.
The park is distinguished into five major areas that comprises Vertigo World (carousel and observation deck), Fast Land (flume ride, rollercoaster), 360 World (Ferris Wheel, sky promenade), Abyss City (deep city diver), and the Elsewhere Universe (space exploration, science center). In addition, rides, such as the Ferris Wheel, rollercoaster, and carousel are all re-imagined in the heights of sky.
vertical theme park1
vertical theme park2
vertical theme park3
vertical theme park4
vertical theme park5
vertical theme park6

Via: Evolo


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