Cartondruck Smart: World's first 'ForTwo' hemmed in reusable cardboard

smart for two cardboard car 1
The Smart ForTwo little wonder is the smallest car sold in the US which has built up an impression that it’s a disposable product with little shelf life. To disapprove this notion Smart has designed CARTONDRUCK that denotes longevity and environmental friendliness even though it has been constructed using a rather unconventional material finding little use in the automotive world. The company has unveiled the first smart ForTwo that has its interior and exterior components designed and produced in high-quality recyclable cardboard from the company Gmund.
smart for two cardboard car 2
The mini car has cardboard boxes of diverse sizes glued to its exterior, along with mirrors and other interior fittings all done up in versatile material. The feat achieved in cooperation with Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger and the packaging specialist CD CARTONDRUCK AG from Obersulm in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, will be on display at the Paris Motor Show this year.
smart for two cardboard car 3
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