TRIP travel case transforms into chair with speaker system that juices your iPhone

the trip luggage 2
This rolly chair interestingly has many sides to it. Designed for travel wary passengers it’s a perfect companion to have in an airport lounge, on an aircraft, even in train stations and parks too. Dubbed as Trip, the travel case unceasing comfort under whatever conditions. The case can be easily transformed into a chair by rolling the wheels out in case you were tired and looking for a place to sit. It also features a smart kangaroo pouch to make reachable accessories such laptop, newspaper, papers and pencils without opening the entire thing while on the go.
the trip luggage 3
It doesn’t end there. With Trip you do not have worry about storage, for it easily slips into the overhead bin of the airplane. The case comes with an integrated sound system comprising detachable top quality speakers that enable you to listen to your choicest tunes while in transit. A bit pricey costing $700 USD, the Trip will also readily recharge your iPhone or BlackBerry if they run out of power.
the trip luggage 4


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