Mozilla Seabird’s unique design fulfills user’s desire for digital control

mozilla seabird concept phone 1
The Mozilla Seabird, a part of the Mozilla labs’ Concept Series, is a result of a community-driven experiment on how users might want to interact with their mobile content with technological advancement. The Seabird takes its design inspiration from various aerodynamic and avian forms with an erect screen poised over a curved back that serves the functional purpose of fulfilling user desire for digital control.
mozilla seabird concept phone 2
The phone is powered by the Android-based operating system and features an 8 megapixel camera, dual side projectors that work independently delivering laptop level of efficiency and pico projectors that allow you to display a virtual keyboard on a tabletop for typing. The phone gets charged wirelessly and also has an embedded Bluetooth dongle.
mozilla seabird concept phone 3
mozilla seabird concept phone 4
Via: Gizmodo


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