Bike 2.0 wins Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010

bike 20 1
And the winner for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 is Bike 2.0 by designer Nils Sveje. Nicely formed and rendered, the next generation bike has been designed to provide all the extra energy boosts which the biker needs while cruising around. Framed in aluminum, the bicycle design aims at intelligent energy usage with an in-wheel 500-watt brushless motor and in-crank generator for all electricity transmission, hence giving a boot to the oily chain mechanism notorious for soiling hands and clothes.

bike 20 2
The adjustable frame of the bike can be fitted according to different riders’ needs. The bike features an automatic stepless gear box to control pedaling speed and also pedal break by turning the pedals backward to store energy. The handlebar is equipped with two wireless rings to set how much you use or charge the battery.

bike 20 3


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