Solar-powered ‘Eagle Yacht’

takes you on a speedy yet sensible sail

eagle yacht
Amalgamating the fine lines of supercars with advanced aerodynamic structure of powerboats, Serbian designer Darko Markovic has developed a dynamic speedboat to take on the rising waves in style. Dubbed the “Eagle Yacht,” the new speedboat generates power from a 250 KW - direct drive jet propulsion system to take the sailors on a thrilling water ride. Featuring the body made in Kevlar fiber to make it lightweight and fast, the super yacht presents a sharp and advanced hull to provide minimum air and water resistance and stability at high speed. It also includes voltaic solar panels to allow a speedy yet sensible (environmentally) sail.

eagle yacht_01
eagle yacht_02
eagle yacht_03
eagle yacht_04
eagle yacht_05
eagle yacht_06
eagle yacht_07

Via: Automotto


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