KeyCase iPad Folio converts your tablet into a laptop

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Tablets may have reduced the size of your computer to work on the go, but it is nowhere near to the laptop or PC when it comes to ergonomics or the ease of use. Here is an innovative sleeve called the “KeyCase iPad Folio” that other than protecting your tablet from scratches also becomes a keypad for your tablet. The folio case comes with built-in Bluetooth 2.0 Silicone Keyboard that seemlessly connects with the iPad to turn it into a laptop, so you could work with ease anywhere, anytime. In case, you don’t need the Keyboard, you may simply hide or fold it behind the iPad.

Made in PU Leather, the new iPad case is not only stylish to look at but also robust to protect the tablet for longer duration. The iPad folio runs on rechargeable battery that lasts for about 45 hours per charge and uses standard Apple power cables for charging. The KeyCase iPad Folio is easy to set up as it reconnects automatically when turned on and when idle for 10 minutes, it switches into the (auto) sleep mode. Priced at £60 (about $93), the case features magnetic fastening to ensure complete protection while traveling.
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Via: Gearzap


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