My Shoot - @ Taman Orkid KL

The Orchid Garden
The Orchid Garden is opposite the Bird Park. It's a part of what is called the Lake Gardens. When you leave the Bird Park behind and you cross the road, then you're at the entrance of the Taman Orkid (the Orchid Garden). It's a 1 ha floral paradise, where you can admire the orchids and and pick tips on how to grow these magnificent flowers. The Taman Orkid can be combined with a visit to the Bird Park. 

The admission to the Orchid Garden is free. Only on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays you have to pay admission (RM1,-). The Taman Orkid is situated on a scenic hilltop within The Lake Gardens. Around and on this hilltop all the orchids are growing. 

An adjoining section is devoted to the hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower. This section showcases more than 2,000 varieties of hibiscuses.

The Lake Garden (Taman Tasik Perdana) is probably the nicest park area in KL. You'll see people jogging, playing ball, and in the mornings practicing tai-chi.

The taxi drops you off the Bird Park. You'll have to cross the road to get to the Taman Orkid. The path is going slightly up and then you'll see the counter of the Orchid Garden. We had to pay during our stay, because we went on a Saturday. 

Don't worry, because Saturday and Sunday are the best days to visit the Garden. The admission is very low-priced (RM1.-) and the Garden is transformed into a lovely Orchid bazaar.
 Tourist and the local people are walking around in the garden. They are looking at the stalls, where you can buy blooming orchids and souvenirs. 


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