Philips Hi-Fi Audio Systems

Philips MCi900 and MCD900 Hi-Fi Audio Systems

Philips has rolled out two new Hi-Fi audio systems, the MCi900 and MCD900. These Hi-Fi audio systems comes with SoundSphere speakers and offers specs such as 100W RMS output, they have an integrated DVD/CD player, a large color display for easy navigation of your playlists and music files.

The Philips MCi900 Streamium model utilizes Streamium technology which allows the users to enjoy digital music from a USB hard drive. The device also comes with a 160GB hard drive for storage of media files. It also includes WiFi connectivity for internet radio and wireless music streaming.

They both feature a unique design which matches the Philips SoundSphere speakers. They also have a uniquely positioned tweeter and woofer with rigorous audio crossover engineering that minimizes interference. The former has an aluminum cabinet in Titanium colors and the latter has a silver aluminum cabinet.


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