Iron Man MacBook

Full-Color Iron Man MacBook Decal Kills Bad Guys with Branding

We've seen a black-and-white Iron Man MacBook decal before, but this full-color one is much more striking. Although you've gotta be OK with equating Apple's logo with the powers of a superhero. Fanboys. Buy one here: [Etsy via Geeky Gadgets]

Some of our readers will remember the cool Iron Man MacBook Decal that we featured on the site last month, there is now a new version available and this one features Iron Man in full color.

Colorful Iron Man MacBook Decal

Iron Man is lighting the Apple!

The sticker’s material is lucid.The area of mac logo is actually cutout, but we still provide sticker for apple logo if you want it to be covered,which would also make it awesome.


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