Google's Nexus One

How would you change Google's Nexus One?

It hasn't quite been out (in public hands, anyway) for two months, but Google's Nexus One has managed to grab the world's attention and focus it squarely on Android. Specs wise, it's not the superphone that many had expected, but it's certainly delightful in its own right. For those who have sprung for one, we're bubbling over in anticipation to hear how you'd change it. Would you have snuck an overclocked processor in there? Would you have ditched the trackball for a sensor pad? Do you wish it were available on more carriers? Is the call quality up to snuff? Look -- there's a better-than-decent chance that you threw down some serious bills on this, so don't hold back. The Nexus Two just won't be the same without your pair of pennies.


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